The Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

A ductless air conditioning system, commonly referred to as a mini-split air conditioning system is, as the name implies, an A/C system that works without ductwork. Ductless air conditioning systems come in a variety of different styles, from high wall mounted, ceiling mounted, to floor mounted type systems. They come in single-zone models for cooling just one area or in multi-zone models that can provide cooling to an entire home. These systems are great for homes with flat roofs, along with garages, casitas, warehouses, or rooms in your home that need extra cooling. They are very customizable depending on your space and needs.

Here are the top benefits of investing in a ductless air conditioning system.

1. You Can Save Energy

With a ductless system, you can save energy and keep your home cool and efficient. When running other A/C systems, energy is being used at all times to bring every room of your home to the same temperature. The benefit of having multiple ductless systems is that you can cool each room to different temperatures, or only leave the systems on in the rooms that need it most.

If everyone in your house argues about the preferred temperature, fear no more. Each individual can control each system to their own individual liking. The same ductless system can also be used for heating, offering a two-for-one solution and energy efficiency in all seasons.

2. Better for the Environment

Since ductless systems are more efficient, they use less energy than other A/C systems and therefore help to reduce your carbon footprint. Instead of a system that’s going to work to cool down every corner of your home (whether you use every room or not), a ductless system will only cool down the rooms you need. Over time, this can save a great deal of energy.

Ductless systems also utilize reusable filters, which can be cleaned and re-installed. This helps cut down on waste, since you won’t be buying and throwing away disposable filters every month.

Additional cooling options for your home

While ductless air conditioning systems have their fair share of benefits, they aren’t right for every home. Instead, you may want to consider alternate options to find the cooling solution that’s right for you.

Central A/C units

Central A/C systems are the most common type of cooling system found in homes throughout the Valley. They provide cooling, dehumidification, air filtration, and air circulation. The components of a Central A/C system are a condenser, evaporator, and duct-system. A central system can last 10-15 years in the Arizona desert climate with routine maintenance.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are similar to central A/C systems, but are unique because they can provide heating as well as cooling with no additional equipment. Heat Pumps are a very effective system for the Phoenix area climate and provide for an efficient solution to heating and cooling demands.

Packaged units

Packaged units are a self-contained, all-in-one, type of system that are typically installed on rooftops. The most common package units are packaged heat pumps and packaged air conditioners with built-in gas furnaces. Package units are commonly seen in flat roof homes.

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