Stuck in Sinus Survival Mode?

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As winter wanes and temperatures climb, Maricopa County residents prepare to enjoy the desert’s near-perfect spring weather. Unfortunately, springtime in Phoenix-Scottsdale is also prime allergy time. Ash, mulberry, juniper and mesquite herald the season change and put allergy sufferers on high alert. When grasses like Bermuda and rye are thrown in the mix, it’s time to break out the nasal sprays, antihistamines and tissues.


Over 50 million Americans report allergy symptoms at some point during the year, according to the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology. Though Arizona has long been considered a healing climate, Greater Phoenix is known for its poor air quality. Last year, the city ranked seventh on the American Lung Association’s list of most ozone-polluted metro areas. Between the region’s increasing smog and no hard frost to kill off pollen and mold, residents have come to expect an onslaught of spring respiratory symptoms.


As an Arizona Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractor, Larson Air Conditioning offers ventilation, air filtration and insulation services in Scottsdale and beyond. The company’s comprehensive home performance services extend to indoor air quality testing, duct leak testing, ductwork repairs and more.

Owner Jared Larson also has earned his Building Performance Institute certification. Recognized as an industry authority, BPI develops American National Standards for home energy performance. Together, Larson and his team of IAQ specialists take a whole-house approach to energy waste and dirty air concerns. With the help of Larson’s five-star HVAC team, Sonoran Desert residents create home environments that are healthy, efficient and comfortable.

Dust mites, pollen, pet dander, volatile organic compounds, mold and pathogens are just a few of the contaminants floating around Southwest desert homes. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outside air, so Larson experts assess contaminant levels and recommend air cleaning products for allergy relief.

One of our most popular air quality products is the in-duct air purifier. Designed to clean every cubic inch of your home’s air, the purifier installs into existing HVAC systems and produces ionized, hydroperoxide molecules that circulate in the environment. The hydroperoxide molecules break down and destroy both airborne and surface contaminants, and ionized particles cause dust, pollen and particulates to stick together for more efficient HVAC filtration. Other benefits of the our in-duct ultraviolet purifier include its ability to destroy volatile organic compounds (VOCs) twice as fast as other UV air cleaners. Studies have found moderate to strong increases in allergic or respiratory effects among children in homes with higher concentrations of select VOCs, such as those from particleboard, plastics and recent paint.

Weather Allergy Season With Larson Air Conditioning

When Sonoran Desert allergens like ragweed, mesquite and Bermuda grass threaten to wreck your spring fun, make Larson Air Conditioning your first call. A leading home performance contractor serving Scottsdale, Phoenix and Paradise Valley, Larson is a proud winner of the 2019 coveted Torch Award for Ethics. When you partner with our go-to HVAC team, you can expect prompt arrivals, upfront pricing and superior IAQ expertise.

Larson can’t stop the spring pollen assault, but we can help you get relief from indoor respiratory irritants. Call (480) 428-0600 today, and we’ll make your house a safe, inviting retreat—and sneeze-free zone. To request home performance services, inquire about indoor air quality products or speak with us about insulation services in Scottsdale and beyond, request service online.

Did You Know? Larson Serves Businesses, Too!

If you’re a business owner or facility manager, you also can trust Larson for commercial HVAC service in Scottsdale and surrounding communities. An independent dealer for leading Trane and RunTru HVAC products, Larson is NATE-certified to work on all major commercial cooling and heating equipment. When a scorching Arizona summer hits, business owners can’t afford the fallout from a broken air conditioner. One call to 480.428.0600 keeps your facility operational and comfortable—on a budget!

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