Common Air Conditioner Problems and How You Can Fix Them

Not having a properly-working air conditioner can be a major problem here in the valley, especially during the summer months. When the temperatures soar well into the triple digits, you know you need to have a working air conditioning unit to keep the environment in your home or business safe and healthy. The only issue is: how do you know if your AC unit isn’t working properly? Just because the unit is putting out cold air doesn’t mean everything is just peachy. We’ve put together a list of common air conditioner problems you may come across and ways to fix them.

1. Your A/C unit isn’t responding to your settings

If your unit isn’t turning on, there could potentially be a problem with your thermostat or filter. Check your thermostat first. Set the temperature lower and see if it clicks on.

2. Air is coming out, but it’s not cool

We all know an air conditioner’s main job is to cool the air. However, there could be several reasons why your unit isn’t producing the cold air you desire.

  • Your filter is dirty, preventing your air conditioner from distributing cold air
  • Refrigerant levels are low due to a leak
  • A duct has become disconnected or crushed
  • Your condenser coil is dirty or frozen over

With all of the above being said, only a thorough diagnostic visit with a technician can effectively troubleshoot the root cause of your cooling issues. It’s important to ensure that your technician doesn’t just solve the first issue they come across, but rather check the entire system. 

External temperature also plays a role in cooling capabilities. Sweltering heat can make it difficult for your A/C to cool your home to your desired temperature. For example, when it’s 120 degrees, even if your home has multiple units, it may have a hard time cooling your home to your desired temperature. Work with your A/C technician to understand expectations for your home.

3. The air conditioner is frozen

A common cause of a frozen air conditioner is low airflow due to blocked grilles, clogged filters, dirty coils, or broken blowers. Low refrigerant levels because of leaks can also cause an air conditioner to freeze. Visual signs of a frozen air conditioner include water leaks, a wet filter, and ice forming inside the unit. If you suspect your air conditioner is frozen, turn it off to reduce the risk of further damage and call a professional or help.

4. The unit is leaking

It is completely normal for A/C units to create condensation. The process of cooling air will create water droplets naturally. If condensation isn’t properly drained, further issues can arise. This could be caused by a blockage in the drainpipe or if the condensation pump isn’t working correctly. The best thing to do is to contact a professional to determine the source of the leak before it turns into a potentially larger (and potentially more costly) problem.

5. There’s a funny smell coming from the unit

If your unit is blowing out air with an odd odor, it could just be time to change your filter. However, if the scent is somewhat “electrical” or smells like something is burning, this could mean that parts inside the unit could be overheating or having connection issues.

6. I haven’t kept up with maintenance

If you haven’t kept up with maintenance, your A/C is at a greater risk for problems and decreased performance. If you’ve skipped maintenance for several years, your A/C can certainly benefit from a tune-up. A professional will be able to give your system the attention it needs and identify any problems that may be occurring. Larson’s 34-point maintenance clean and check covers vital components and ensures your A/C is fully inspected inside and out.

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