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APS AC Rebate

APS Air Conditioning Upgrade Rebate

APS members can save up to $200 in rebates when you upgrade your HVAC system!
If your air conditioner is nearing 10+ years, it's time to explore your replacement options. According to APS, "New AC and Heat Pump units can be up to twice as efficient as those installed 15 years ago." Upgrading to a high efficiency HVAC system can save you up to $180 on your cooling costs every year. After comparing energy consumption of a high efficiency AC unit against other units, APS found their newly installed units had "20% more annual cooling energy savings and 13% more cooling peak demand savings for a typical year."

Not sure which system is right for you? Take a look at the APS Air Conditioner Buyer's Guide to determine which AC unit is best-suited for your Phoenix home.

Learn more about the APS Air Conditioning Upgrade Rebate.

APS Home Energy Upgrade Rebates:

Schedule a Home Energy Audit through the Arizona Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program for just $99 (a $400 value) and take advantage of these energy upgrade rebates:

APS Insulation Rebate
APS offers up to $250 in rebates for insulation improvements (to upgrade your attic insulation to R-30 when the existing insulation has a performing R-value of less than R-19). Insulation will help keep your home comfortable and cost-efficient all year long. To qualify for the insulation rebate, you must first have your home air sealed to ensure optimum insulation performance.

APS Duct Test & Repair Rebate
APS offers up to $250 in rebates for duct testing and repairs. You could have a leaky duct system and not even know it, causing you to lose up to $200 a year in energy bills. ENERGY STAR claims, "About 20-30% of the air that moves through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts." Have your duct work tested and repaired to improve your home's air quality and overall comfort! Follow the link to fill out the APS Duct Test and Repair Rebate Form.

APS Cool Control Rebate
APS offers a $70 when you have a Cool Control device installed in your AC. Proctor Engineering Group has developed a device to optimize your air conditioner for our dry Arizona climate.Most air conditioning systems stop running the indoor fan after the compressor has shut off. However, the indoor coil remains cold and wet, leaving cool air trapped inside. The Western Cooling Control device prompts the indoor fan to run for an additional 2-5 minutes after the air compressor has shut off, allowing your AC system to deliver this extra cooling to your home. Western Cooling Control gives your air conditioner the boost it needs to operate under full capacity and ensures you are getting every bit of cooling that you pay good money for!

To request a Home Energy Audit, fill out the
APS Home Energy Check Up Application or give us a call at (480) 428-0600.

APS Smart Thermostat Rebate

APS Smart Thermostat Rebate

APS offers a $75 rebate when you have a Smart Thermostat installed in your home!
Have you ever left your house and forgot to adjust the thermostat, causing you to waste expensive heating/cooling while you're gone all day? With a programmable smart thermostat, you can control your home's temperature from anywhere, anytime. Smart thermostats allow you to change your thermostat settings from your smartphone, computer, and other mobile devices. Designed to make your life easier, smart thermostats have helpful features such as maintenance reminders as well as the ability to learn your heating/cooling patterns overtime and adjust themselves accordingly. Order a smart thermostat to help you save energy and money! Plus, APS provides a $75 for upgrading.

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