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Kim S.
Tempe, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars We became familiar with Larson Air because SRP assigned Larson to our home to conduct an energy audit that we requested. A little background about the audit: SRP offers a $99.00 audit (which I later learned usually runs $400.00+); when I first read about the offer, I was skeptical of both the usefulness of an audit and any contractor that we might get assigned to our home, but our curiosity overrode our skepticism. Here's the summary of that process: I'm now a convert to having an audit done, and to working with Larson. The audit was fantastic, and Larson Air made the experience a real pleasure.

Now for working with the lovely people at Larson. After SRP assigned them to our audit, but before I spoke with them, I looked at the reviews here. As I said above, I was skeptical of potential contractors. But the reviews here on Yelp were stellar, so I was hopeful. Then I spoke with Jamie. She was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable; moreover, she seemed enthusiastic about what an audit could do for us. I explained to her that we are aware that we don't have an efficient a/c or pool pump, but that we were not in the market at this time to replace either; that instead, we were interested in finding out problems with our home that we could solve with less expense than replacing an a/c. She didn't seem annoyed by the fact that we weren't planning to use them to replace our a/c, which was gratifying (but I was still concerned that once we had the audit done, the person doing the audit would try to pressure us into making such a purchase).

She set up the appointment and told me that the process would take 3-5 hours. After I got past my initial stunned reaction-- I really expected a quick run-through of our house with some basic hints--e.g., "change your light bulbs to LEDs. You really need a new a/c. Put some insulation in your roof. Good-bye."-- I told her that my dad would probably be in town visiting and would like to watch. I was prepared for her to express some doubt or annoyance, but she brightened up and said, "We encourage people to walk around with technicians and see what they're doing and what they find!" She was not wrong on either count. The process took a little longer than 5 hours, and the technician encouraged my significant other (S.O.) to walk around with him. My S.O. thoroughly enjoyed the process, and thoroughly enjoyed talking with John, our knowledgeable and helpful technician.

Why did the process take 5+ hours? Because John brought all kinds of equipment, including infrared cameras, and a fake door with a fan in it! He put the fake door in place of our front door, and then used the monstrous fan to pull a draft through the entire house so we could see where all the leaks are. (Oh, there are many. So.Many.) He crawled around in the attic. Poked around here, there, and everywhere. Looked at every possible factor relating to energy efficiency. And when he was finished, he had fantastic recommendations. What about the hard-sell for a new unit? None. Not a bit. He said, "I know that yall aren't in a position to replace your a/c or pool pump at this time, so here's what you can do now." Wow. Seriously? No pressure? Again, stunned.

But wait -- that's not all. John sent a follow-up email and asked for our 12-month SRP usage; once we get those data to him, he will then complete a full audit report and send it to us.

One other nice touch: on the day of the appointment, I received both an email and a text that included the name and photo of the technician who would be arriving. That's a reassuring approach that lets one feel more comfortable about opening the door to someone one hasn't met before.

If we ever need a/c work done that's not covered by our home warranty, we will use these wonderful people. And I will be recommending them to anyone who needs work done.

Bottom line: If SRP is your electrical-utility supplier, take advantage of the energy audit. And cross your fingers that you get Larson Air. They are knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely lovely people with whom to work.
Chris T.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars About a month ago we decided to get a home energy audit done. After the audit we were given options on ways to energy efficient our home and maximize the use of our ac unit along with reducing our electric bill. The team at Larson Air went above and beyond assisting us with everything during the entire process. They were on time for every single service calls, they educated us on everything they were doing and why, they kept us informed of everything that needed to do that day and also the few days to come updating us when they got there in the mornings and also before they left at the end of the day. The entire Larson Team worked amazingly hard and did a phenomenal job on installing our new AC unit and Duct work in the Arizona heat. I must say this company does CARE and that is very rare and hard to find. It was a pleasure working with the entire team and I must add I was very pleased with the customer service we received from every single person on their team. Our experience with Larson Air Conditioning was phenomenal! We have found our forever a/c company, finally A+++++++ I highly recommend Larson Air !!
Janice P.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
I have used the services of this company a few times now. They have done repairs and also inspected the HVAC system of a house I was buying.
They respond quickly and when my A/C was broken this summer they sent a tech out right away to fix it.
Jill K.
El Cajon, CA
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
My rental home needed a new air conditioning system. I live out of state and know nothing about them!! I called several companies and also checked Yelp reviews. I was amazed how the quotes were thousands of dollars apart. I knew I didn't want the cheapest and I knew I didn't want the most expensive I wanted somebody fair, honest and knowledgeable. One company stood out!! Larson Air Conditioning, I spoke with Jared. Although they were slammed the day after Labor Day he managed to get somebody out there a couple of hours after I called. They texted to let me know who was coming (name and photo) and that they were in route!

I was blown away by how professional the quote was and how all the information is right there and easy to find and understand. I called Jared a few times with questions and he was always available to talk to me and everybody that answered the phone was extremely nice and ready to help. At 5pm on Tuesday he was able to get technicians there the next morning to get the job done! I was so stressed out and Jared went above and beyond! Call and see for yourself!
Barry S.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars I consider it the best of good fortune to be a customer of Larson Air Conditioning. From the installation of a first class home air conditioning unit at a proposal winning price to their post delivery service, I could not be happier. Larson Air Conditioning and its staff bring Quality of Service to life.
Paul N.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
I called this morning for a problem with water leaking from the drain line of my blower unit and they sent someone out within 3 hours of my call. The lady on the phone was super sharp and very responsive.

Derek arrived at my home and performed a complete inspection and cleaning of both a/c systems and he also fixed the drain problem. Derek is super personable and gave top of the line customer service. I cannot recommend this company enough!
Dalenna K.
Medford, OR
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Here is the second day of our new A/C heating unit being install. We also are updating all the duct work, and blowing new installation in the rafters. I'm so happy to of hired Larson Air. They have been amazing! There team sealed every crack/hole in my home making it air tight. I am so grateful to have found them on yelp. Because they have the best customer service and go up and beyond for delivering customer satisfaction. The crew is genuinely caring, and very hard workers. I would hire them for future jobs 100% percent. I also had them do a energy audit, before they started work on my home. I cannot wait to see the results on the 31st of how much energy and money I will save by this update. If you are looking for professionals who go beyond your expectations and install everything right the first time. There team is it! They definitely impressed me. I highly recommend. Thank you Larson Air.

Kristel Z.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars This is the best company I've ever worked with for any service at my home. My air went out on a day the high was over 120. I called and told Jamie that I didn't know if I needs a new system or a repair. She sent Jason who was awesome. He knows the repair and installation side of things. He brought parts and a temporary unit to cool the house until they could get back to do the install of the new system. Jason and Victor have been out several times to make sure everything was perfect throughout the house. A drywall company was lined up as well to fix the attic entrance. Larson Air was always a step ahead. Jamie and Jason were efficient and coordinated things the way they'd want it done at their own homes. Because of the stellar reviews online I waited to call Larson Air during their hours vs calling an emergency company during the night. I'm glad I did! I didn't comparison shop, I feel like their pricing is average, but the service can't be beat. I'll pay for service every time. Thank you all so much! I've passed your info along to my realtor friends and neighbors in the area.
Maureen A U.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Friendly, fast and fair service! Everyone that I spoke with and interacted with at this company was really friendly, helpful and honest. After servicing my 3 AC units i received a hand written note in the mail thanking me for the business.....didnt think anyone did that anymore. Nice touch :) Would certainly recommend Larson and will certainly be using them again when the need arrises.
Ray S.
Novato, CA
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars This is a highly professional company, that is fantastic to work with. We own a condo in Scottsdale and asked them to assist our tenant whose AC was not working. Mind you it was June and over 120'. They responded quickly with excellent communication with us and our tenant. They were on time and very professional. They were upfront about all the costs and didn't exceed them. It is wonderful to be able to trust Yelp for references and for them to be true.
Peggy B.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars From the first phone call to the final repair, our experience with Jamie and her crew was phenomenal! We have found our forever a/c company, finally.
Mark L.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars A fantastic experience all around. Jamie did an exceptional job keeping me up to date on appointment status and Derrick did a great job taking care of our a/c issue without any hassles. Just really good folks. I highly recommend Larson's Air Conditioning. Job well done Jamie and Derrick!
David P.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
Can't say enough good things about these guys. Everyone that I have dealt with has been professional, prompt, and courteous. The folks in the office respond quickly and follow through.

Much thanks to Derrick for getting us up and running again after one of the wires failed on our unit.

Highly recommend. Will definitely do business with again in the future.
Kelly D.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars I called Larsons early this morning before hours. They called me right away and I had a technician at my home 35 minutes later. Derrick was friendly and knowledgeable and someone you felt comfortable having in your home. I have young children so that is important to me. He fixed the problem quickly and did a thorough inspection and gave me a full report on the status of all parts of my unit. I will continue to call Larsons for my HVAC needs and highly recommend them. Will be telling all of my friends. Thanks so much!
Tony K.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars This review is based on my experience with the sales adviser. I had comfort issues in an older home we just moved into. I called the major reputable companies in my local area with good reviews-Howard Air, Day and Night, Hobaica(worst). I was frustrated as each of the advisers said they would follow-up, and none would. Probably a busy time of the year-before summer and the scope of work was complicated. Jason Waller from Larson Air was the only adviser who took the time to follow-up and bring his service manager Dean to trouble shoot the problems. They showed up on time and were clean and professional. The scope of the work needed in my home would eventually involve a General Contractor. I would recommend giving Larson Air a chance to earn your business.
Bernard M.
Goodyear, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Just a few words to agree with everyone else. Leo came over and was a very professional air conditioning tech. Had a 6 month check on the a/c's done. While Leo was doing that, my neighbor said to get the "start capacitors" installed. I felt like a deer in the headlights. Leo explained what the capacitors did and I had him go ahead and install them. Leo is the best a/c tech that I have had come to my house. Outstanding representative for Larson Air. I will stay with them. Can't go wrong. Thanks Leo!
Kyle J.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Jamie is great to work with. Very fair and accommodating. I would definitely recommend.
Donna H.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Great, prompt, efficient service from Larson. Leo provided great service on my 10 year old ac unit and walked me through things to consider in the next year or so, given the unit's age and status ... especially now that I've relocated from the Midwest and am about to face my first summer here. Thank you, Larson, I've got a good vendor I can count on.
Michael M.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars I must say, these folks are professionals. I'd been in the market for a garage air conditioner for some time and called a number of companies. Larson was amazing. Everyone was on time and very nice and knowledgable. I bought a ductless mini-split system for my garage and here's they're process: first, a real person answered the phone. Yee ha! then they arranged for an estimator to come out. They emailed me the estimate that evening. Once I accepted (and my HOA approved it) they sent one of the installers out for a pre-work site survey. This was the person who did the job. Then, two guys came out to install it: Victor and Awston. They were fabulous, worked well together and got the job done in one day. Very, very knowledgable. THEN, another person came out within a few days of the install to check the job for quality and to answer any questions I had. Amazing. While I don't care for the price of these units, I know they're competitive based on other estimates I got. Use Larson, you won't regret it.
Eric E.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars In my 9 years of being a YELP Elite, I cannot recommend a company, restaurant, or business more highly than this one! Yes... 11 stars. Courteous and friendly all the way, and super professional upon arrival. Problem was solved in 20 minutes, and I really felt bad job was so simple! If and when I have any situations with heating and air conditioning, I wouldn't even think of calling anyone else. Don't you make the mistake of trying another company! Call these folks, and you'll be very happy you did!
Bryan V.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars I have been using Larson Air for the past year for both my business and residential needs. If your looking for an A/C company that has excellent (5 star) customer service and knowledgeable staff this is your company! They just installed a new unit at my residence as the old unit needed to be put to rest and I was amazed by how professional the staff was during the install, contract paperwork and loan process. I would highly recommend this company to all my friends and family.
Jody S.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
I contacted Larson to install a "smart"thermostat we'd been given as a gift (meaning we weren't convinced this was something we needed or wanted). Jamie was very efficient in scheduling - we received both a call and a text the morning of the appointment (it was nice having a picture of the technician). Victor arrived with another technician (apprentice, I assume). BOTH were professional, polite, and personable. They proceeded to install the thermostat and were extremely helpful in answering questions, showing us how it works, etc.
I will use Larson from now on.....and recommend them without hesitation to others! AND we really like the thermostat because the technicians made it so easy!
Joe K.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
Josh and Flavio showed up promptly at our early morning appointment to provide an estimate on a potential leak in our HVAC ducts. In removing a vent from the ceiling to investigate, there was a very small area of paint that peeled away from the ceiling (despite scoring a line around the vent to prevent peeling). Their investigation determined that there was no work for Larson to quote on. As such, it would have been easy for the two of them to continue on and just reinstall the vent without acknowledging the pealing paint, but they asked if we had any paint to fix the small blemish. We provided the paint and they fixed the issue immediately.

The entire visit was pleasant and they treated our home with great care (as if it were there own). In my opinion, Josh and Flavio were true professionals and I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. Sometimes it is hard to find people that care, Josh and Flavio really did care.
Maria L.
Andover, MA
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
Larson AC recently replaced a 20+ year old split AC/Heat system in my house located in Cave Creek, AZ. The entire purchase-to-install experience was extraordinary. My first contact was with Jaime who was very pleasant and professional. She set-up the appointment for the sales person,Todd Alger, to come out to the house to provide an evaluation and quote a Lennox system. Todd was very knowledgeable, professional and a genuinely nice guy. He explained the components of the system, answered all my questions and followed-up with quotations for 3 different systems that evening, as promised. Larson's quotation was comparably priced but the reason I chose them is because of their professionalism and of course, their favorable Yelp reviews. The next phase, the install, was just as satisfying. The crew (Josh, Victor and Flavio) showed up as scheduled. All were very courteous and engaging. Josh explained the installation approach and kept me informed of their progress throughout the day. The job was completed at about 7:00pm that evening. Josh provided instructions on how to use the WI-FI thermostat and the system was tested. The crew cleaned up the entire work area before leaving.

I highly recommend Larson to anyone that is replacing their AC system or repair/maintenance work on existing AC/Heat.

Jim M
Cave Creek, AZ
Bill L.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars These people know what they are doing! My a/c unit, although not old, was constantly breaking down..2 coils replaced in a three year period..and always in the summer (of course). The attic duct work was done by someone who really didn't care.. the airflow has always been uneven and when I mentioned that to previous a/c people, they just didn't seem motivated to figure it out. I was pretty frustrated. Called Larson and explained my situation. Josh and Flavio came the next day and inspected EVERYTHING; but better than that , they took pictures and explained what was going on. I decided to upgrade and put things right. And, wow, it was amazing. Josh, Flavio and Victor basically put it a whole new system over a two day period. They were terrific explaining as they progressed..very impressive work.I couldn't be happier. The new system is super efficient, really quiet and the air flow is totally balanced throughout the house.
Chris B.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Contacted Larson Air through Yelp around 4:50pm looking for some attic insulation and bathroom exhaust fans installed. I got a call from Jamie almost immediately. She was happy to give me some quick estimates and schedule a tech to come out and give a full assessment and quote for free, whether I used them or not. She was extremely professional and gave me a ton of great info on what they would do and how the tech would prepare an estimate for my specific job. Their prices were extremely affordable and beat the quotes I already had. I will always go to Larson for any estimates or service I need with my HVAC systems. Family run companies are the way to go!
Rebecca B.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Josh and Jamie have been excellent resources for my recent remodel. They are professional, efficient, and service oriented. I would recommend anyone give them a chance to consult on your project.
Joan K.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars We have had issues with our AC for several years and have a Home Warranty. Frustrated that they never seem to really fix the problem, I decided to call Larson. I was impressed from the moment I called to set up the appointment. Colorado arrived on time as promised and I explained the issues we have been having. He thoroughly examined our unit and diagnosed many issues that needed to be resolved. He was professional and very knowledgeable and keep me informed each step of the way. I would highly recommend Larson and Colorado.
Ray J.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
Had issues this past weekend regarding my AC and decided to give Larsons a call.

Issue: our downstairs wasnt cooling, but upstairs was fine. Then it suddenIy started cooling again and has been since.

I spoke with Jamie and explained to her my issue. She was very attentive, courteous, and worked around my family/job schedule. Once our technician arrived (Colorado) tested our system, explained everything in detail, and ran his diagnostics. He checked voltage, dampeners, fuses, etc. He went up in the attic and explained to me all he done. It was more a piece of mind for me that a professional have it checked out and luckily all past. He did make a few changes, and tweaked and cleaned areas where it may have been "stressing" out my ac unit. I am so pleased and very happy with Larsons. From beginning to end, the service was top notch and very hands on with customer. A+ Thank u Jamie & Colorado for making this seamless, and pain free :) !!
Nicole O.
Torrance, CA
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars These guys are awesome. I own a few businesses and as a business owner I can truly appreciate their customer service. Jamie is quick to respond through Yelp messaging (even when they are closed - thanks Jamie). They were able to give me an estimate on the spot (others I had to wait for days to get it) and their prices were reasonable. Colorado was very professional during the inspection and then again during the install. Our AC unit was working fine it was our ducting that was falling apart. After the install of the new ducting we were surprised at how cool the house was getting. A few weeks later our 2nd AC unit seems to be having some problems. So I didn't hesitate to call them back. Have an appointment for next week. I'm confident it will go well. Thanks Larson.
Patrick B.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars My AC had lost a little bit of a step. I figured it was a dirty coil or low on freon. So I wanted the coil cleaned the the Freon checked as well as a checkup on my ac as it had been on the roof about 9 years with nothing done to it. I got a lot of bids by sending out requests on Yelp. Larson's had good reviews and I prompt responses from Jamie in writing answering all my questions. I found a number of people that I put in a bid were unwilling to answer my questions especially in writing. They were not the least expensive bid for these services they charged 85 and the cheapest bid was for 65. I chose Larson because they had better reviews than the one that was offering the same services for 65. The tech called me 30 min before he showed up as requested. When he showed up he parked on the street showing respect in case my wife came home and wanted to use the driveway. Colorado Johnston was polite and professional. He also took care with my ac on the roof. Some items I noticed was he was careful not to step on the drain pipe, he made sure he was not stripping screws as he put them back in and he put caps back on after checking the Freon level. He got right to work checking things out. I had a special request for him to take before and after pics of the coil as I did not want to get on the roof. He spent about a hour working on my ac. He found one very small extra issue with my ac and fixed it without charging me. In the end 85 very very well spent. A honest company based on my experience that I would gladly due business with again. Payment is done on there Ipad. I have added the photos of before and after of the Coil for those that may be interested.
Kevin S.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars This company is incredible! I'm a Realtor and they are my first choice for all AC calls. They show up on time, have a very professional presentation, and are ready to quickly go to work. They take plenty of photos on each job, document all findings, and make it easy for myself and my clients to understand what needs to be done. The confidence their details provide is priceless. There are no shortcuts and after working with them over half a dozen times I noticed the same checkup routine is followed regardless of the technician that comes out, that is training! I highly recommend Larson Air Conditioning for everyone's Air Conditioning needs!
Krista K.
Henderson, NV
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars I am so pleased with the service of this company and especially the technician that came to our home. His name is Colorado and he was thorough, polite, timely, knowledgeable, patient, etc... I could go on. We are renters and are working with in the restrictions of our landlord who is out of state. Colorado was more than willing to spend time with myself and THEN my husband when he got home explaining what was wrong with our AC in detail. He also spent more time with our landlord and then our landlords brother. Testing the true patients of a human being! He remained calm and patient. They came to a decision and he fixed the AC. So far it's working great. Will update. But mostly this post is about exceptional customer service.
Kathy R.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars A great company. Easy to work with, polite and on time. The staff is wonderful. They did a terrific job removing/installing and we can't say enough good things about the entire experience.
Mary M.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars I hadn't had my HVAC looked at in several years, so when I got an offer from APS of a partial rebate for a detailed inspection, I jumped on it. Of all the companies listed, only Larson had a Yelp presence, and a good one it was. Sold! Nor was I disappointed. When tech Joshua was on his way here (right on time), I received an emailed notice including a photo and brief bio. Wow! When he summoned a second tech, I got that notice, too. Down from the roof, Josh showed me photos he'd taken to support his recommendations. (Seems my system had not been installed correctly and has been leaking air both in and out for years.) The two techs did the needed sealing work on the spot and did the paperwork for the rebate before leaving. Seriously, how could this service have been better?
David K.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
There is a reason that Larson is the top rated HVAC contractor in town. I was looking for a contractor to do a tune up of our nearly 20 year old AC units and couldn't help but stop and take a closer look at Larson given its Yelp reputation. I'm sure glad I did!

From the moment I called to book an appointment all the way through my service appointment, the customer service and attention to detail have been top notch. Jamie was very pleasant on the phone and went over several tune up options. She even took the time to ask for my wife's name and phone number since she knew that my wife was likely to be the only one home at the time of the appointment and wanted her contact info to keep her informed.

The technicians were great. When my second air handler couldn't be located in the attic, they took the time to scour the property until they discovered a "secret" room behind a door on my roof. I had no idea it was even there; nor did any HVAC contractor that I'd used before (previous companies would just "skip" that portion of the inspection).

After the tune up, the techs went over the performance with me. Despite the units being so old, they never once urged me to spend any money on unnecessary repairs. I asked them to put together quotes for me so I can start planning for the AC system replacement. They provided me with a quick quote on the spot, and Jamie offered to work up several additional options so that I can best decide how to proceed. She even researched all available rebates from the AC unit manufacturer and APS to ensure I don't miss anything.

Folks, I don't often review companies on Yelp unless the work is really good or really bad. Trust me, Larson is a world class HVAC contractor and you can tell that they pride themselves on providing outstanding quality and customer service. As long as I live in Phoenix, I've found my HVAC contractor.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Larson was great from the appointment set-up through the tune-up service. Both the office and the technician explained that the appointment would take longer than a normal tune-up. Josh, the technician explained all the work in detail. Their diagnostics indicated that a couple of things on my gas-pack needed to be tweeked. They changed the fan speed and moved a sensor to the sunny side of the unit, finished the normal tune-up tasks and it all checked out great. They are way more tech savvy than others in this category. Invoices are electronic. Payment was electronic. A nice feature was that the office sent an email with the technician's photo and bio when he was on his way to my house. It was a pleasant surprise. I was very happy with the company and their service, and will use them again.
Marisa R.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Fantastic service! Called and spoke to Jamie. She helped me schedule a repair for a kitchen renovation. Joshua came to our house and the job was done very quickly and efficiently. Couldn't be more happy with the price and overall customer service! Will definitely use this company again in the future.
Christa R.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars
These guys are the best!!! The a/c units in our home were nearly 18 years old. We have 2 upstairs bedrooms that cannot be used in the summer months because they are so ridiculously hot. We decided to bite the bullet and start shopping around for new units before the summer. We had 3 different companies come out. Originally my husband just wanted to go with Brewer's because they had done all the repairs at our previous house. Since I knew we were going to be spending $20k + since we have 2 units, I wanted to shop around and hear what companies had to say about our "hot rooms". Brewer's came out first. They didn't check a single thing in our house! They looked at our outside units and then gave us a recommendation. Their quote happened to be $10k more than the next 2 quotes. We had another company come out and then Larson's. Both companies spent time up in the attic evaluating the ductwork, the existing systems and the overall house. Both had very similar recommendations and their quotes were nearly the same. Larson's quote included sealing around all the vents. We chose Larson's over the other company because we knew they would stand by their work since it's their name and business. Often times with bigger companies they lay blame on others when something goes wrong. With Larson's you are actually dealing with the owners!!
We had our 2 new units installed a month ago. Everything went smoothly and we now have 2 additional bedrooms that can be used all year long yay!!! I honestly cannot say enough nice things about everyone at Larson's. They are quick to respond to emails and voicemails. They show up when they say they are going to, and take pride in the work they do- very rare this day in age! I would highly recommend them to everyone- whether you need a new unit or just a tune up! These guys are the best!!

Update- APS just came out to do an evaluation on the ductwork sealing that Larsons did in order to receive the APS rebate. They confirmed what we already knew. They said everything tested perfect and they were really impressed with the quality of work that Larsons performed!

Also, Jared was out to adjust the dampers and explained that we should have our thermostats set on fan circulation at all times instead of auto. Doing that circulates the air through the new purification system at all times. Just a few days after making that adjustment on our thermostat we already see a significant decrease in the amount of dust!! We have a lot of dark wood furniture, mirrored furniture and dark wood floors. I'm constantly dusting because it shows so badly with our decor. I think I'm more excited about not dusting so often than I am about lower energy bills!

This company is more like 10 stars!
Michael R.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Larson did a complete redesign and installation of a new duct system for our 60-year-old home. Our old ducts were leaking badly, and were not properly designed for today's high efficiency heating and cooling units.
We found Larson Air Conditioning on SRPs list of AC contractors for their duct upgrade rebate program. From our very first phone call, Jamie did a fine job of coordinating and scheduling a visit for an estimate, all the way through to our final test-out.
Their technician, Joshua, came out and did a fantastic job of assessing the current state of our dilapidated attic ducts and explaining the scope of work needed to gain maximum efficiency. He was obviously very knowledgeable and was quite good at communicating that knowledge so we could clearly understand what he was proposing. He gave us a detailed estimate as the appointment ended.
After looking at two other highly-recommended companies, we asked to meet with Jared, the owner, to make sure we were comparing apples-to-apples. He gladly scheduled another appointment to answer our questions. After that appointment, we knew Larson Air Conditioning was the company to go with.
The work was completed quickly, efficiently and properly. The installation crew (Joshua and Colorado) were professional at all times, courteous and mindful of keeping our home's interior as clean as possible. They were hard workers, and their attention to detail was amazing.
My system is running so well now! The difference is truly amazing.
Larson Air Conditioning under-sold me, and then over-delivered! They exceeded my expectations and provided excellent service. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone needing work on their HVAC system.
Terry C.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars I found Larson Air here on Yelp and the reviews we all great so I decided to get a bid from them. Just like all the reviews Jaime and Jared both did a great job. They both were very knowledgeable and took their time explaining things to me, they showed up when they said they would, they quickly installed a whole new AC unit on my roof at a competitive price and were very professional during the whole experience. Thanks!
Howard G.
Paradise Valley, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Jamie

It was a pleasure to work with you, Jared and your staff. From the moment I met him until the job was completed your company was amazing.

Quality, professionalism, fair pricing and finished on time.

What more could any consumer ask for.

I would highly recommend your company to anyone

Keep up the good work.
Thomas T.
Tempe, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars My annual SRP A/C check-up was scheduled for 4/15/16. I did not select a contractor and this morning Larson A/C showed up even before the scheduled appointment. The two technicians: Joshua and Colorado were very courteous and got right to work on the 4 ton Goodman unit. They opened the panels on the unit and inspected the coils which were found to be in poor condition due to the inlet of the drip line being clogged. This allowed standing water to accumulate causing the base of the coil to start to rust. Joshua unclogged the drip line inlet so this would not happen again. They checked the amperage of the condenser motor which was found to be running at full (2.8 amps) amperage indicating a failing capacitor. They replaced the old capacitor with a new one and the amperage reading decreased. I joined Joshua and Colorado on the roof and they gave me a full explanation of the overall condition of the unit including coils, compressor, condenser motor and temperature split. They were extremely knowledgeable and were able to convey information about the unit in terms I would understand. They pointed out specs that were labelled on the unit and showed the reading on their amp meter and temperature split regulator to point out that the unit is not realizing it's full operating efficiency due to an intake restriction. They were very careful when disconnecting their refrigerant lines so I wouldn't lose much refrigerant. The unit blows too cold as a result of poor airflow over the coils. They pointed out that I was losing a lot CFM as a result of the restrictions in intake and leaks in the duct work. The insulation layer in the attic also is very old and needs new insulation. I couldn't have been in better hands as Joshua and Colorado were thorough, knowledgeable, honest and friendly who also took the time to explain the operation of my system and offered ways to improve the existing unit's efficiency until I can afford a new one as this unit is reaching the end of it's expected lifespan. I will be using Larson going forward for all my A/C needs including unit replacement, duct-work sealing, insulation blowing and the possible addition of new intakes to improve cooling efficiency in the house. I feel VERY lucky to have had Larson come out this morning. They can expect to have me as a repeat customer going forward. Also, and I'm sure it goes without saying that Larson A/C should feel proud of having two employees like Joshua and Colorado.
L G.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Working with Larson was truly a wonderful experience. I found Larson via Yelp and Angie's List, and was down to selecting between an HVAC company that came highly recommended by neighbors or going with Larson. Based on my interview experience and discussions with both companies, my instinct was to choose Larson but it was difficult to stray from who those around me recommended! I can say, with full confidence, that choosing Larson was the right way to go.
From the beginning, Jared and his wife - co-owners of the company - were extremely honest, efficient, good communicators, and fair in discussing our needs and making a competitive bid on the project. Everything, from scheduling the replacement of our HVAC system to install, went smoothly. Their techs were on par in terms of their excellence, both in their expertise and also in being so personable. Everything went well, and Larson has been just as responsive with follow up questions and concerns after they finished install (which, I think, is just as important as how things go initially!).
Steven M.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars In short, these guys rock!
We just scheduled them for our winter service and were blown away! From the time I booked the appointment, they were very professional and went out of their way with communication. The day of the appointment, they emailed me the profile of the tech who would be showing up. Then, they email you when the tech is on his way and his estimated arrival. Josh and Jared showed up, took their time performing what is their "Premium Service", and was I amazed. While they were on the roof, I got pictures and even a short video of the things they found.
This is definitely NOT the normal "Kick test" performed by most AC companies. I can't say enough god things, and highly recommend them!!
Jeff S.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars What a great company! Called in this morning and they had someone to my place by the early afternoon to look at my a/c unit. Jared was professional and fixed my heating problem in just a short time. I would recommend this company to all who are looking for a quality a/c company. I will use them from now on.
Doug N.
Phoenix, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Everything went great with Larson A/C. The technician John was on time, neat/clean, careful of the home, and very thorough in his evluation and repair. I will most definitely use Larson in the future.
Ryan S.
Scottsdale, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars These guys are great! Called in this morning and they were already on site two hours later. John Taylor was my technician abc he got my AC up and running in no time. Great company, great service. I highly recommend.
Dave W.
Mesa, AZ
Larson Air Conditioning, LLC. 5 stars 5 stars Had them come out for 2 SRP tune ups and had great service from top to bottom! No BS and I could tell they were a honest group of people. I would highly recommend them to all my friends. I have had so many companies try to pull crap on me and never felt that way with any of their employees. I have not felt this good about a service company for along time as most of them feel they have to try and take advantage of people. I was in construction and building business and know when someone is trying to feed you a line. My best to this company as they will be around when others are gone.
Wy Guy
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