Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

It’s essential that you have a great heating and air conditioning system in your home or business. In Arizona or any other state, your living and working quarters need to be properly heated or cooled, depending on the weather variables, in order to live comfortably.

Have you ever lived in a home that has no air conditioner or cooling system of any sort when the weather outside is humid and hot? How comfortable were you? Did you feel like hiding from the heat, but couldn’t find anywhere to hide? That’s extremely uncomfortable! Inversely, have you ever had the heater go out in your home right in the middle of winter when the temperatures were dipping close to freezing? There are not enough blankets to cover you in those cases. You can’t call your furnace technician fast enough!

The idea is not to let your furnace or air conditioner get to the point where it will go out during extremes in temperature. A yearly check-up is advisable on each of these appliances by an experienced technician. You may want to schedule a visit early in the season so you don’t have to wait in line! HVAC companies usually run seasonal promotions on heating and air conditioning tune-ups, so be on the lookout for good deals when the time comes.

Of course, there are times when your furnace and air conditioner just ceases to work properly even though you’ve done what you’re supposed to do and had it inspected. Things that might indicate that you have a problem are:

  • Your furnace makes banging noises when it starts
  • Your home is not being heated even though you hear the furnace running
  • You smell natural gas in your home
  • During the summer months, your air conditioner runs non-stop
  • Your air conditioner runs but does not cool your home
  • You notice a large amount of ice build-up on your air conditioner unit

Your technician is only a phone call away. As soon as you notice problems with your appliance, it is usually best to call as soon as possible. Some malfunctions, if not corrected soon, may cause increased damage to your appliance.

In all cases, if you smell gas, turn off your appliance and call your utility company immediately. Then notify your appliance repairman. Natural gas has the odor of rotten eggs. A leak can potentially explode and cause personal injury and structural damage. Your furnace and air conditioner technicians are your friends and can help you any time there is a need.

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