Fact or Fiction? Common HVAC Myths

If you are not a homeowner, the term “HVAC” might be falling on deaf ears. HVAC is the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system that keeps the indoor environment of homes and businesses comfortable by improving the comfort and quality of the airflow. We know how scorching Phoenix summers can be and we want to make sure you’re prepared for anything!

How Does An HVAC System Work?

An HVAC system can be compared to the respiratory system of humans. It is the way a home or business breathes. If you’ve ever walked into a closed-up home, one that hasn’t been lived in or had any sort of airflow for some time, you might recall a strange smell and look to the inside of the home. Dust, dirt, and other harmful air particles get stuck without proper airflow and in turn, begin to deteriorate the house from the inside out.

An HVAC system (along with the thermostat) determines when the air needs to be circulated. Given the extreme temperatures in Arizona, our HVAC systems can take a beating and something tells us most people aren’t always thinking about the quality of their HVACs. We’ve put together a list of common myths people associate with HVACs to better answer any of your questions and prepare you for anything the Sonoran Desert decides to throw our way!

Myth #1: “My HVAC is fine. We’ve never had a problem with it.”

This is likely the most common excuse for not scheduling a maintenance checkup on your HVAC system. A lot of us tend to not think about the ventilation of our homes or businesses unless things are going wrong and not working correctly. In fact, it’s common that the only experience people have in regard to “being aware” of their HVAC system is the simple change of the thermostat every day, depending on the outside weather.

We’re here to tell you that regular maintenance on any of your ventilation systems is always a good idea. There are a lot of small pieces that ultimately make up the bigger HVAC system and any one of these pieces could break or begin to work inefficiently at any time. Over the course of a year, the weather in Arizona changes drastically, which can wear down our HVACs. That is why we recommend at least two maintenance visits per year. If you are looking to schedule an appointment for a maintenance checkup, please call 480-428-0600.

Myth #2: “I’ll save energy by turning the system off and on, depending on when I need it.”

Most of us are probably guilty of this at some point. Yes, if you are heading off to work for the day, there is no reason why the air conditioning needs to be on full blast for the next 8 hours while no one is home. We get it. A/C bills can skyrocket during the summer months and most of us want to save money when we can. However, turning an HVAC system on and off multiple times a day doesn’t save energy at all. The dramatic change caused by doing so actually uses more energy! An easy solution is to invest in a thermostat that can be programmed to manage the amount of A/C (or heat) flow throughout the day. Keeping a consistent range of temperature will decrease your energy bill and save energy.

Myth #3: “My home will cool down faster if I set the temperature really low.”

HVAC systems do not work this way. They work at their own pace. When you set a temperature on your thermostat, the HVAC system turns on and works until the temperature becomes what’s desired. If you set the temperature extremely low in order to “speed up” the process, this DOESN’T actually speed up the process. It just makes your HVAC work for a longer period of time, therefore consuming more energy and raising your energy bills.

Myth #4: “These rooms aren’t used, so I’m going to close the vents in here in order to save energy.”

It seems to make sense that if certain rooms in homes or businesses aren’t used, why pay to have them cooled or heated when you can just close the vents to stop the airflow? This is extremely detrimental to your HVAC system and winds up requiring more energy and money. By closing the vents in unused rooms but still using your HVAC, the natural airflow through the vents becomes disrupted. You are creating blockages which will therefore make the HVAC work even harder to disperse the air evenly through the home. At the end of the day, the purpose of the HVAC is to keep your home temperature and airflow regulated in order to keep the quality of the air at its BEST. This will keep you, your family, and your pets healthy, so it is important not to interfere and try to “beat” the system.

Myth #5: “My filters are fine. They only need to be changed once a year anyway, right?”

FALSE. Filters are working to keep the air in your home or business healthy. Dirt, dust, smoke, and other harmful particles come through our homes way more than we notice or would like. They work by catching these particles before releasing the air into your home. You will know if your filter is working properly because it should be dirty and appear to be covered in dust. We suggest you change the filter every 2-3 months. If you have any questions on the state of your filters, we are here to help!

As you can see, an HVAC system is extremely crucial to the proper airflow of a home or business. We know we’re the experts, but we realize HVAC systems are probably not your top priority in everyday life. That is why we’re here to remind you of their importance and assist in any uncertainties you might have. Call (480) 428-0600 to schedule your HVAC maintenance checkup today!

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