8 Holiday HVAC Energy Saving Tips

1. Turn down the thermostat when guests arrive

What better way to celebrate the holidays than gathering with loved ones and enjoying extravagant holiday meals? Those extra bodies in the dining room mean your house will naturally heat up without having to increase the temperature on your thermostat. Be sure to plan accordingly for times when your guests will arrive and when you will be using warm appliances, such as the stove or oven, which will naturally add heat to the house. You can even utilize a programmable thermostat to adjust to your families schedule so you can have one less thing on your plate during your holiday gathering.

2. Use LED Holiday lights

Deck the halls with LED lights this holiday season to help reduce your energy consumption. LED holiday light strands use approximately 75% less energy than traditional holiday lights. Using less energy on these lights can save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill. LED lights can also last longer than incandescent bulbs, which means you can continue to use them year after year. Keep this in mind when decorating your home merry and bright!

3. Use a timer for your decorations

A simple way to keep your light display energy efficient this season is to utilize an automated timer. Any decoration using energy, such as the lights on your tree, outside strands, and inflatable decorations, should have time limits to keep their power-usage specific to when it is necessary. A common rule is to set your timers to run from after dusk until bedtime, and aim to limit their usage to less than five hours a day. Investing in a timer can also save you the hassle from having to manually turn these lights on each day.

Pro tip: Be sure to plug your timer into a smart plug to ensure it is not wasting energy when the lights are off.

4.  Ask Santa for energy efficient electronics and appliances

If you are on the Nice List this year, you may be able to expect some shiny new electronics or appliances under the tree. If so, make sure they’re energy efficient. Refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, and computers are just some of the common energy consumers in your home. Seeking out appliances that are energy efficient can save you up to 50% compared to conventional appliances, according to the EPA. Most energy efficient systems will have the ENERGY STAR label which verifies they are a sustainable product. You may also be able to get additional rebates or benefits for making the switch to these energy-savers.

Did you know there are also energy efficient air conditioners? Replacing your heating and cooling system with a high-efficiency model can make a big impact, but only with proper installation. When Santa delivers a new AC unit, you can trust Larson Air Conditioning to complete your replacement and installation with our quality guidelines at the forefront. Keep this in mind when making your holiday wish list!

5.  Get a Home Energy Audit

A comprehensive home energy audit is a great way to find energy inefficiencies in your home during the holiday season. This multistep process can detect potential problems to keep your utility bills down, so you can save that money for those can’t miss holiday deals. The evaluation can identify key concerns including:

  • Air infiltration & loss
  • Poorly designed ventilation
  • Damaged & leaking ductwork
  • Hot & cold spots that affect comfort
  • Inefficient lighting
  • Pest problems
  • Allergies & respiratory distress
  • High utility bills
  • Inefficient appliance operation
  • And more

Larson’s team will not only help identify these problem areas but also develop a plan for long lasting solutions. To get ahead of any energy-wasters in your home, contact Larson Air Conditioning to schedule an evaluation.

6.  Be smart in the kitchen

Holiday hams, mashed potatoes, gingerbread cookies, and grandma’s casserole are just some of the delicious dishes that you can expect at your holiday gathering. These traditional meals require hours of prep and have the kitchen appliances running non-stop. Pre-heating your oven alone can use up energy before the cooking has even begun. Save on time and energy by coordinating your dishes’ cook times and cooking more than one dish at a time in the oven or stove.  

You can also opt to use smaller electronics for your baking when possible to help limit oven usage. A simple change such as heating those dinner rolls up in the toaster oven instead of the oven can make a big impact. According to The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a toaster oven uses a third of the energy of a traditional electric oven. Try to plan accordingly when preparing your holiday meals.

7. Unplug appliances before leaving town

While you are off enjoying your holiday vacation, your appliances are at home consuming unnecessary energy. Making simple changes, such as unplugging unused lamps, toaster ovens, coffee makers, and computers, can help you save on your utility bill. Each of these items’ idle energy-use independently may seem insignificant. However, according to a study by the NRDC, when combined these appliances’ idle energy can account for up to 23% of energy use in your household. Before leaving your home for an extended period, plan to disconnect these phantom power users.

8. Give your HVAC system the best holiday gift by scheduling annual maintenance

A Maintenance Plan is the perfect gift this holiday season. Regular maintenance on your HVAC systems can help ensure your units are reliable and efficient through your winter festivities. Our affordably priced maintenance program keeps your heating system running strong and performing efficiently.

Discover more of the energy-saving benefits of regular maintenance by speaking to one of our certified specialists at 480-428-0600.

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