7 A/C Tips for Monsoon Season

If you are from the Phoenix area, you also know that July is in the midst of monsoon season. Most people assume it doesn’t rain in the desert, but we are here to tell you that when it rains, IT POURS.

Now, of course it doesn’t rain every day but when the storms come you need to make sure you are prepared! These storms can be extremely intense, and with the force of the driving rain on the desert dust, dust storms are bound to happen. With the blazing heat that also occurs this time of year, the absolute last thing you want to deal with is your A/C not working properly. Already having your A/C system up to par before monsoon season will set you up for success. We put together a list of 7 A/C tips you should consider while monsoon season is upon us!

Change your filters

Having clean filters is a great start. A dirty filter will pollute the air in your home or business by not filtering the air flowing through properly. A dirty filter will cause your A/C system to overwork, compensating for not being able to get clean air through the trapped dirt particles, which will eventually exhaust the system. This will raise your energy bill, all the while causing internal damage through the ducts by continuously circulating dirty air. You should be checking on your filters every month or so.

Monsoons can cause haboobs, which are traveling dust storms caused by the pounding rain and winds. You should definitely check your filters after a haboob because the dirt and soot in the air after one of these storms is tremendous and will most likely clog up your filters. Having a few on deck in your home so they can be easily replaced will benefit you and save you time and energy!

Keep an eye on the sky

Paying attention to the weather is probably one of the more obvious tips we have for making sure your A/C system is ready for monsoon season. If you know when to expect a storm, you will have more time to prepare. Arizona air tends to be very dry throughout most of the year. You can tell a storm is potentially coming by seeing the rise in moisture levels in the air and the change of the dew point.

Examine your doors and windows

It’s important that the air circulating through your vents is as clean as possible in order to keep your A/C system and ducts in tiptop shape. If there are gaps in your window frames or above or below your doors, this leaves room for the dusty, dirty air to enter your home. This air will in turn get sucked through the vents and recirculated, all the while clogging up your filters and potentially damaging the system. Before a storm, seal up any openings that shouldn’t be present to best prevent this.

Check the location of your AC unit and the surrounding area

Depending on where exactly your unit is located, you might want to clean out the surrounding area to prevent any loose debris from the storm falling onto it or damaging the unit. If your unit is outside in your yard, definitely make it a point to pick up anything that could potentially be hazardous when the wind picks up. Regardless of where the system is located, make sure it is properly secured. If you have access, make sure the ductwork is also tightly sealed in order to best protect your vents from taking on any dirt or damage. 

Clean your coil

An air conditioner’s coil is the part of the system that essentially absorbs all the heat. If the coil is dirty, your air conditioner will run hot and your energy bill will therefore increase. In order to save time and money in the future, it is best to consistently clean the coil. A clean coil will leave the system running smoothly which is best for an oncoming storm.

Invest in a surge protector

With the crazy heat comes crazy storms. If a bolt of lightning strikes, it could potentially put your home out of power. If the power goes out, you can forget about air conditioning! If you are local to Scottsdale, you know that this really isn’t an option in the middle of the summer. Investing in a surge protector will stop your AC unit from turning off in the case of a power outage. The protector is placed at the unit to protect it from disconnecting electricity. Having your own surge protector will save you from calling for a technician to come check out your problem after the storm has passed.

Regular A/C Maintenance

It is crucial to check in on your A/C system throughout the year. Is it working properly? Are the rooms cooling to the right temperatures? Does the air flow evenly through the home? Checking in on your system every so often will better prepare you to know when something needs to be fixed. We can’t stress enough on getting your system checked out routinely. It’s a good idea to schedule a maintenance check in the spring months before the temperatures start skyrocketing. You want your system to be in the best shape possible for monsoon season and a professional will be able to point you in the right direction if your system needs any sort of fixing or updates. This will save you time and money in the long run.

Remember that your A/C is working 24/7 to keep the temperatures of your home as comfortable as possible. Without proper care, you might be in for a long hot summer if your A/C decides to quit! If you live in the greater Scottsdale area feel free to schedule a consultation with one of our technicians at 480-428-0600. We promise nothing but the best service!

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