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SRP Rebates & Financing

Air Conditioner Rebate

SRP members can save up to $800 in rebates when you upgrade your HVAC system!
If your air conditioner is nearing 10+ years, it's time to explore your replacement options. According to SRP, "Replacing a 10- to 15-year-old system with a high efficiency heat pump or air conditioner can save you 30% to 40% on cooling costs." SRP's Cool Cash rebate program requires every unit be installed to meet industry standards so you can be sure you are getting prime performance and optimum comfort from your HVAC system. The chart below presents available rebates for specific equipment.

Learn more about SRP's Cool Cash rebate program.

Home Energy Upgrade Rebates:

Schedule a Home Energy Audit through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program and take advantage of these energy upgrade rebates:

Air Seal Rebate
SRP offers up to $250 in rebates for sealing air leaks. Many homeowners are unaware of how much conditioned air escapes from their homes on a daily basis. According to ENERGY STAR, "If you added up all the leaks, holes and gaps in a typical home's envelope, it would be the equivalent of having a window open every day of the year." Air leakage through windows, doors, lighting fixtures, etc. can increase your energy bills and make your home uncomfortable. Sealing air leaks will improve energy efficiency and the overall comfort of your home.

Insulation Rebate
SRP offers up to $400 in rebates for qualified insulation improvements. Proper attic insulation will help keep your home comfortable and cost-efficient all year long. To qualify for the insulation rebate, you must first have your home air sealed to ensure optimum insulation performance.

Duct Test & Repair Rebate
SRP offers up to $400 in rebates for qualified duct testing and repairs. Did you know that leaky ducts can cost you more than $200 every year? Damaged duct systems lead to inconsistent temperatures, leaving you with hot/cold spots throughout your home. Keep your home consistently comfortable by having your ducts checked while saving even more money through SRP's Duct Test & Repair rebate program.

For rebate program details and requirements, visit Save with SRP.

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