Keep Your Skin- and Your Indoor Air- Healthy This Winter!

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As November unfolds, homeowners tend to shift gears in preparation for the upcoming seasonal changes. Even Arizonans are not immune to chillier temperatures later in the year. So it’s important for residents to prepare for this change by calling for annual furnace maintenance now—before the nasty weather sets in. Of course, there’s more to think about this November than just seasonal heating checkups. Have you ever considered how a tough winter might affect your skin? If so, you’re not alone. Dry skin—along with dry indoor air— often comes hand-in-hand with the cooler weather. But don’t despair! In honor of this month’s National Healthy Skin Month, we dug up the perfect tips to keep your skin healthy.

Of course, when you partner with Larson Air Conditioning, there’s no need to choose between dry air and heating your home. From heating repairs in Phoenix to indoor air quality in Scottsdale, we can always provide comfort solutions for both. In fact, keep your skin feeling soft and supple right now with these six tips:

  1. Check your home for leaks. If cold air is leaking into your home, your skin could be drying out. Remember, cold air doesn’t retain as much moisture. So, if you have leaks—your skin could fall victim to dryness. At Larson, we are pros at assessing your home’s energy efficiency to see if leaks are the issue. If you have concerns, call us for a certified home energy audit. Our experts can conduct a thorough analysis of your home and recommend tips that will provide energy savings.
  2. Call us to seal those leaky ducts. According to Energy Star, a typical home loses up to 30 percent of conditioned air to leaks, holes and ill-connected ducts. Don’t risk losing energy and creating even drier indoor conditions. Call Larson to help with duct sealing or duct replacement in Phoenix.
  3. Improve your indoor air quality. We care as much about your air quality as we do your skin. The air circulating in your home contains allergens, molds, chemicals, bacteria, dust mites and other contaminants. Over time, these pollutants may cause sinus problems, asthma flare-ups, headaches, dry skin and so much more. To help you breathe easier, we install and service air purifiers, home ventilation systems and air filtration systems that will keep your indoor air fresh and your skin glowing.
  4. Practice proper skin etiquette. Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin, too. This practice removes dead skin cells, allows moisturizers to deeply penetrate your skin and leaves your skin feeling healthy and smooth.
  5. Drink plenty of water. As always, hydration is key. Remember, 60% of the adult body is made up of water—with the skin actually containing 64% water. So, if you don’t drink enough H20, it’s going to show on your skin.
  6. Moisturize often throughout the day. Keep that lotion on hand throughout the day and moisturize regularly.


Winter days can be long and brutal enough. Don’t add to your frustration by settling for uncomfortable indoor air and dry, cracking skin. At Larson, we want to help make your home as cozy and enjoyable as possible. So when you need home performance services, energy audits or even duct replacement in Phoenix, let us be your go-to-team. We promise to leave you with nothing but smiles—and healthy skin! Call us today at (480) 428-0600 or schedule online for all of your HVAC and IAQ needs!

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