5 Essential IAQ Tips for Pet Owners

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Are you ready for the summer? Well, you better be—because the summer solstice arrived in June and kick-started the new season into full bloom. In Arizona, this means more humid air, sizzling temperatures, afternoon dips in the pool and homeowners’ calls to our office for air conditioning service in Phoenix, too!

Some days those temperatures reach such high numbers that all we want to do is retreat inside our comfortable air-conditioned homes. If you own pets, they want to stay inside and chill near those AC vents, too. But did you know all that extra time spent indoors with your pets can affect your indoor air quality? It’s true! With Spot and Fluffy spending more time inside to avoid the summer heat, it’s important to pay greater attention to your indoor air quality. We’ve got tips to reduce pet hair and odors, helping make your indoor air fresher and cleaner.

Here are five simple ideas to keep indoor air fresh and help your HVAC run at top efficiency all summer long:

1. Install an air purifier or home ventilation system from Larson Air.
What’s the best way to improve your indoor air quality? Install air quality equipment from Larson. We offer:

  • Air purifiers
  • Home ventilation systems
  • Air filtration systems

All of our quality systems help remove contaminants and capture pollutants so the air you breathe is fresher, cleaner and better smelling. Our whole house IAQ equipment even works with your HVAC system to filter out those bad guys before they even hit your inside space.

2. Change your air filters regularly.
This is probably the easiest tip to remember. You should change your air filters each and every season. If your pets are spending more time indoors during summer to avoid the heat, you might want to change your AC filters more than once during the summer months.

3. Vacuum and dust your home.
Vacuuming won’t just make your home cleaner. It will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. Regular vacuuming, including your vents, helps reduce excess pet hair and improves your system’s overall performance.

4. Give your best friend a bath!
Regular bathing and grooming of pets reduces dander and hair that can end up inside your home. Plus, it makes them smell better!

5. Fence your outdoor unit.
It is imperative to keep your pets away from your outdoor unit. Cats scratching or dogs urinating on the unit will only cause problems. Construct a small fence around the outdoor compressor and you’ll have total peace of mind. Just be sure the barrier allows for enough space to give the unit plenty of room to breathe and to be regularly serviced.


If the Arizona heat starts taking its toll on your home, call Larson Air Conditioning for air conditioning repair in Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. Our team of professionals is committed to excellence, service and quality and will always arrive at your doorstep with cool solutions. We are so sure you’ll love our service that we even offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee! So, when your air conditioner needs some professional repair, give us a ring. Nothing is more important to us than providing the absolute best service to our customers. Call our office today for superior customer service!

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